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Ganesh Simkhada

Passionaholic Ganesh Simkhada has always let his love for the mountains dictate his drive for work. Born in the remote village of Khahare and later moved to Darkha on the lap of Mt. Ganesh Himal, Mr. Simkhada was greatly influenced by the breathtaking scenic beauty of his hometown, and the charm tourism industry eludes through its interaction with varied cultures, adventurous expeditions, and awe-inspiring nature.

Ganesh Simkhada, the Founder, CEO, and Managing Director of Himalayan Marvel Adventure came into the world of travel and tourism in 1992. He was raised by his mother and spent his childhood in the lap of Ganesh Himal in Darkha. Climbing hills was an everyday affair and each day he had to walk several kilometers to get to school. 

Beginning his journey in the tourism industry as a humble Porter, Guide to founding a hospitality establishment and an adventure travel company, he has come a long way. In a career spanning nearly three decades, he has achieved more than anybody dreams of achieving. Along with his professional achievements, his selfless contribution to his community and society has won him a lot of accolades and praise. His philanthropic projects include employment schemes for retired porters and guides, financial aid to schools and orphans, free mentoring and training for budding tourism industry professionals, etc. His is a story of true grit, determination, and passion; one that will motivate everybody involved not only in the tourism sector but in all spheres of life.

Having dedicated 28+ years of his professional life to various adventure companies in Nepal, in different capacities, he has amassed a wealth of experience. After passing high school, he began helping out some trekking guides and was soon recruited as a guide at a local trekking company. Within a short period of time, he was individually guiding clients across the well-known trails of the Himalayas. His excellent communication and PR skills led him to become one of the most popular guides. He went on to lead tour groups on multi-country tours to Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. Being a part of mountain climbing expeditions familiarized him with expedition logistics and operations. Later on, he went on to become the Executive Director and took over the reins of the Operations, Sales, and Marketing departments.

Traveling is his passion and he has been to many countries across the world – USA, Canada, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, and many parts of Asia. His journeys to different parts of the world have enriched his travel experience and knowledge. This knowledge and experience have been instrumental in planning and organizing successful trips for several clients. 

Whatever success he has achieved, he attributes it to his hard work and the support and guidance of the people around him. This has inspired him to do something for society and the people with whom he has worked. The hotels and restaurants that he has opened, employ and help several former guides, porters, and cooks. He offers free training to field staff (guides, porters) and travel consultants. As a service provider, his motto is to always provide excellent customer service. His advice is to be genuinely interested and care for your client’s needs and requirements. 

The founding of Himalayan Marvel is a milestone in his career. With the establishment of this company, he hopes to provide an enriching and bespoke travel experience to all types of travelers from all over the world. He believes that traveling not only takes you to different destinations, but also broadens your outlook and makes you a knowledgeable, compassionate, and better person. Our planet is filled with fascinating places, cultures, and people. Ganesh Simkhada, the Founder, CEO, and Managing Director, Travel Consultant of Himalayan Marvel Adventure invites you to discover some of the best destinations on our planet with Himalayan Marvel Adventure.

“Life’s greatest adventures lie beyond the comfort zone. In the wilderness of the mountains, we find solace, challenge, and the raw beauty that humbles us. Let the trails guide you, the peaks inspire you, and the journey transform you. Embrace the call of the mountains and embark on a trekking experience that will leave an indelible mark on your soul.” – Ganesh Simkhada